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Giroux, Saroum

Think OUTSIDE the Box Drawing Prompts ORIGINAL Set | Doodle Challenge Activities | No Prep

Think OUTSIDE the Box Drawing Prompts ORIGINAL Set | Doodle Challenge Activities | No Prep

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These are one of my most popular art resources. They are challenging and creative drawing prompts that will allow your students to think outside the box.

There are 32 drawing prompts that varies in difficulty and theme and will work well throughout the school year. Also included is a duplicate set with name/date pages. This resource is intended for all ages to complete, however I do suggest starting with grades 1 or higher.

This is a great way to nurture creative and critical thinking skills while boosting a child's confidence in drawing and creativity.

Included in this download:

  • 32 drawing prompts w/o name and date pages
  • 32 drawing prompts w/ name and date pages
  • 1 Title Page
  • 1 Congratulations Page Print Out
  • 1 Note to Reader Page

For Any Age (Recommended for 1st or Higher), Classroom and Homeschool Use.

67 Printable Pages.

Here is a list of the drawing prompts:

This is not a HEART.
This is not a STAR.
This is not a SNOWMAN.
This is not a CHRISTMAS TREE.
These are not EYES.
This is not a BUNNY.
This is not a CROWN.
This is not a CIRCLE.
This is not a slice of WATERMELON.
This is not a RAINBOW.
This is not a BUTTON.
This is not a DAISY.
This is not a PUZZLE PIECE.
This is not an UMBRELLA.
This is not a LIGHT BULB.
This is not an ENVELOPE.
This is not an EGG.
This is not a TREE.
This is not a CANDYCANE.
This is not a WHALE.
This is not a SHIRT.
This is not an APPLE.
This is not ICE CREAM.
This is not a CARROT.
This is not a WEB FOOT.
This is not a TURTLE.
This is not a FACIAL PROFILE.
This is not a KITE.
This is not a JELLYFISH.
This is not a FLAG.
This is not a CUPCAKE.
This is not a SUN.

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