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  • HomeschooLegacy

    Helping you leave a legacy with unit studies, field trips, and support.
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  • Artventurous Animals

    Hi friends!

    Abbey is an online art teacher and Tim is a high school teacher. Together we are able to teach anything from K-2 through 12th grade. We have taught part time, full time, online, Outschool, ESL, VIPKid, and even helped start a school in Thailand. Education is our passion! We love teaching and want to share with you all the dos and don’ts of teaching. Of course we don’t have it all figured out. We’re here to learn too.

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  • Teach Me Truth

    To provide a safe and fun space for learners to get a well-rounded Christ centered education.

    A Christian teaching platform that includes a variety of classes both live and self-paced. While the world is teaching our children that genders are subjective, science disproves God's existence and we need to separate God from schools - we will teach children how to defend their beliefs, that science can coincide with God's beautiful creation and be able to stand firm in their faith backed by logic, facts and science.

    We’ve got you covered! We provide a large variety of engaging core classes including math, reading, science, social studies, history, government and are adding new courses all the time.

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  • Moriah Sam's Books

    Why I write about science: Growing up, I did not enjoy learning about science. I found science books to be boring. I much rather have read a fun adventure story instead. When I was pregnant with my first child, I wanted to write a book for her that would teach her about science while keeping her entertained through a fun story. Before she was born, I published, “Solar System Sightseeing Before Supper”. Because of the encouragement from my husband, I have continued to write science adventure stories to inspire a love of science in children.

    What I Believe.

    I believe that God created the earth in six literal days and rested on the seventh day. Because of sin, we now live in a fallen world. I am a sinner. Since God loves us so much, He sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Through Jesus, I am saved by faith, not by works. Now that I am saved from my sins I can look forward to a new home in heaven with my Savior. As a believer, it is my joy to live my life for Christ. 

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  • Laura Kennedy

    The mission and purpose are to guide moms to be more confident in who they are for themselves and their families, spiritually and physically. Laura is a Scripture-Based certified Mindset and Accountability Life Coach and Educational Consultant for moms of little ones ages 2-8. Moms who want to give their preschool-age children a good foundation in math and reading before starting school or considering homeschooling their children need life coaching and educational consulting. As a mom, you are giving of yourself to your family, and then on top of this, you are trying to learn how to teach your young children. How do you start? What do you do? Laura offers a variety of services to wrap around the mom and the child so you both can soar high. One of the services provided is Mommy and me.As a child, you were asked, 'Who do you want to be when you grow up?' Then life happens, and you grow up and become a mom. It's a beautiful time in your life; somehow, you lose that confidence and self-esteem as you put all your energy into caring for your family. Then you ask yourself, 'Who do I want to be when I grow up?' As a Scripture-Based certified Mindset and Accountability Life Coach and Educational Coach for moms, Laura will work with you to boost your confidence and self-esteem while growing closer to God. So, who do you want to be when you grow up? It is time to overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21), put the negativity mindset behind you, and move forward with the positive. 

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  • Teacher & Homeschool Family Clear The List

    Do you have a wish list on places like Amazon? Now you submit a request with Teacher & Homeschool. We also have a FB group as well. Click on the link below.

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  • Night Zookeeper

    Night Zookeeper -Fantastically Fun Learning

    Night Zookeeper is an educational online program for children aged 5 to 12+ (Grades 1 to 6) focused on using gamified learning to help reading and writing skills development. Night Zookeeper offers a full language arts curriculum while transforming “boring school work” into fun and engaging games, challenges, interactive lessons and collaborative projects - children often don’t even realise they’re working!Night Zookeeper also provides a safe space for all children, including awesome community and blog pages which they’re free to explore and use to further improve their reading and writing skills. All content shared within the program is reviewed by a team of highly qualified tutors to maintain children’s online safety.  Are you ready to make reading and writing fantastically fun for your child? Night Zookeeper is currently offering an exclusive, 50% discount for all new subscribers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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  • Times Tales

     Times Tales® is a mnemonic-based  program that teaches students to use memory cues for quick and effortless recall of the upper times tables. This program is truly one-of-a-kind with our innovative "Six-Step Times Tales® Method" to multiplication mastery.

    Our program has been used by tutors, home educators, special education instructors and teachers for the past 20 years. This right-brain method to mastery is not only a fun and effective way to memorize the times tables but will also give your students a learning tool that can be used for a lifetime. 

    Check out their printable options below.

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  • Homer Learn & Grow

    Homer is an early learning and reading app aimed at kids 2 to 8.

    At its core, the app is designed to teach kids to read through a synthetic phonics system that uses a wide variety of interactive, multisensory activities, such as drawing, voice instruction, animations, songs, stories and more.

    Special Offer

    45-Day Free Trial +
    $10.00 Off Annual Plan

    Then only $59.99/year. Cancel anytime!
    What’s Included
    • Unlimited Access to the HOMER App
    • 1,000+ Activities Across Subjects Including Reading, Math, SEL, and more
    • Up to 4 Children's Profiles
    • Includes Offline Activities and Printables 

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  • Spelling Ninja

    Spelling Bee Ninja is one of the leading and most popular spelling bee training platforms available on the internet.
    An Educational Technology or EdTech platform that caters to the needs of spelling bee participants from all age groups.
    Spelling Bee Ninja offers its users spelling and spelling bee resources.

    These resources include:

    • Our training app.
    • Various training modules.
    • A spelling bee preparation manual.
    • Spelling bee word lists, with printable tables and flashcards.
    • Free Online Spelling tournaments with prizes.
    • Spelling bee related articles, and more.
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  • MasterClass

    MasterClass, is an American online education subscription platform on which students can access tutorials and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields.

    Give the Gift of a MasterClass Annual Membership.

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  • iD Tech

    Over the past 24 years, iD Tech has earned the trust of more than 1,000,000 parents for their kids' tech education. We are thrilled to help kids succeed, and our outcomes speak for themselves: 97% of iD alumni go on to attend a four-year college, and 9 out of 10 go on to study STEM in college, citing iD Tech as an instrumental factor in shaping their long-term pathway.

    What programs do we offer?

    1. Summer Camps and Academies (Ages 7-18)

    2. Virtual Camps (7-17)

    3. Online Academies (11-19)

    4. Year-Round Programs

    5. Private Lessons

  • Day Timer

    Since 1947, Day Timer has created the necessary tools to help people manage their time. Day Timer is a pioneer in the field of time management and provides tools to dramatically increase personal effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

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    AT-A-GLANCE® offers a wide assortment of planners, appointment books, wall & desk calendars, notebooks, diaries, journals & more. Our products help individuals & businesses plan and stay organized.

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  • Mead

    Mead® offers a complete line of products for school, office and home including planners, journals, notebooks, folders, binders, pencil cases & more. Take the first step toward organization with Mead® planning tools.

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  • Creative Fabrica

    Creative Fabrica has been based in the heart of Amsterdam since June 2016. Having a design background, the founders realized how difficult it was to find the perfect assets for a design. Creative Fabrica was created to improve and change the way people consume digital assets.

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  • EssayPro

    The Essay writing service you can trust

    Our Essay masters can do any type of writing, not just essays. We only hire well-educated writers with honed skills and the ability to complete any writing task quickly and efficiently. You can order writing on any topic and of any genre that you may need and feel confident that your task is in capable hands.

    What kind of writing do we accommodate?


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*Some of these programs are affiliate programs and are getting paid through link clicks.