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Abbey Allen with Artventurous Animals

Hi! I’m Ms. Abbey.
I teach kids to love art through animals, travel, and step-by-step instruction.

I truly believe art class is for EVERYONE, not just the natural artist. The scientist, nature-lover, athlete, wanna-be vet, and gamer can all find fun and a sense of accomplishment in art. That’s why I’ve made my brand ARTventurous Animals. My classes engaging, full of animals and adventure, and uncomplicated

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education and have taught in a brick-and-mortar classroom for 4 years. But even after substituting, teaching 3rd grade, teaching Kindergarten, and teaching English in Thailand, being an online art teacher has been my favorite!
I have had over 2 years of experience teaching English to learners of other languages with VIPKid, and I welcome any ESL learners in my class! I am also TESOL certified through IOA (International Open House Academy). Message me before class so I can cater to your learner.

I believe children should be guided to be their best self. This means creating extra tasks for gifted students, challenging the average, and reaching out and individually assisting the lower students. I also believe that art is for everyone! Anyone can draw, anyone can create, anyone can imagine.

A fun fact about me is that I have lived in Bangkok, Thailand! I have also been to 9 countries on 3 different continents. The most incredible was probably the United Arab Emirates.
My husband and I just had our beautiful son, Liam James, on July 4th. He’s the reason I’ve chosen to be an online teacher and stay-at-home mom. If you met him, you would know why I can’t bring myself to leave him all day!
Oh, and we have a cat named Leo. He’s pretty great, too!

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Sasha Beach

Hi, My name is Sasha. I am a SAHM with a passion for creating and learning.

I enjoy creating a fun, uplifting, educational space as a Homeschooling mom. With two children life is full of learning. Finding creative ways to do it makes it even better. 

I am excited to share my passion with you as we take a dive into creative ways of learning. ”God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.”

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Lucia Blagojevic

Lucia B was a elementary teachers assistant in the Uk for 4 years before traveling around the world, teaching English & dance in 3rd world countries. After 13 years of globe-trotting she is now a homeschooling mom of 4 living in Illinois. With a passion for teaching, and an eagerness to make learning fun and exciting, she brings creative ways to cultivate young minds to exceed their developmental goals.
Her other interests include Orthodox Christianity, baking and cake decorating, crocheting and reading anything from poetry and fantasy to mysteries and crime fiction.

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Mrs. Blake

Hello, my name is Heaven Blake and I'm passionate about guiding children as well as sharing my love for God to others. Children are the future of the world, and they will need a source to help guide them through life. Teaching children core academics isn't the only important tool in life but also how God's mercy, love and compassion and guidance will be something that will never leave them especially during hard times. In the past, I have volunteered in classrooms by assisting teachers. Volunteering inspired me to go further. I obtained a B.A Early Childhood Education degree in 2020 as well as a few teaching certificates. My degree and certificates has granted me the knowledge in Early Childhood Developmental areas and several other areas that enlighten the well-being and growth of children. Since August 2021, I have been privately teaching children foundational developmental skills as well as tutoring children in necessary areas they'd need extra guidance in. I've also assisted in homework help. I am blessed beyond measures to now be able sell Christian educational worksheets.   I'm currently obtaining my Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. I look forward to helping your child learn and grow!
Thank you for taking the time to learn detailed facts about my life!
Much Love, Mrs. Blake

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Natalie Brobst

Hey! I'm the owner of Nuggets of Wisdom. I'm a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) to 4 kids and an amazing husband who is a professional chef!
We love to go to church, and we get to homeschool.

I've been teaching K-2nd and also ASL to ages 6 - adult. ASL is my passion.

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Faye Clunies-Ross

Hi, my name is Ms. Faye. I’ve been homeschooling for many years and started creating my own material when I found there seemed to be a gap in schooling curriculum, between learning the alphabet and reading well.

I first made Grade 1 workbooks for my daughter who was struggling to learn to read. She needed a fun and engaging book, with simple repetition for extra practice.

Other learning materials that I have created are Maze books, Project-learning activities, Journals and Recipe Books.

We live in northern Canada, near Alaska and my 2 youngest are still homeschooled.

I love project-based learning (PBL). It's such a great way to teach so many real life skills. Carpentry, gardening and creating something new are my favorite activities. 

The products that I create are inspired by our northern farm life and my LORD and Saviour.


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Rachael DeFord

As a SAHM that loves simplicity and education, Rachael is excited to provide simple, beautiful, and minimalistic resources.
These resources are geared towards the easily distracted and overstimulated student. Learning can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience!

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Christine Erickson with Erickson Piano Studios

Christine Erickson is a veteran piano teacher in Kirksville, MO.
She offers: piano lessons, Music History courses, Music Theory tutoring, Mommy and Me
Music classes, and hand sewing classes.
Mrs. Erickson has two dogs: Alaska and Poco. She loves tulips and growing vegetables, fruits,
and flowers.

Teaching experiences:
26 years owner/teacher Erickson Piano Studio
7 years teaching in the public schools
6 years pre-school music teacher
Kindermusik certification and Musikgarten training
3 years online teaching on Outschool
Degrees: B.A. Music (piano), M.A. Music (piano), M.A.E. Special Education
Certified to teach K-12 Cross Categorical Special Education in Missouri

Visit her website at this link: https://www.ericksonpiano.com/

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Diana F.

Hi! I’m Diana from Whimsical Simplicity. I’m a passionate professional educator and homeschool mom! I’m so excited to share educational resources with you! I want to help make your life just a little easier by providing you with high quality materials that you can use with your students. I create a little bit of everything, but mostly reading comprehension bundles, phonics and grammar practice, and writing prompts! 

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Jasmyne Ford with Learning Out Loud Crafts

Jasmyne Ford is a teacher and librarian who works hard to bring creative live-out-loud products to educators and parents.

She is a proud mother of one and a lover of many different types of animals. She is on a personal journey of creating engaging opportunities for all learners. Follow her at: https://bit.ly/JasOutschoolhttps://www.learningoutloudwithjas.com/

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Rachel Gehman

A homeschool mother of two with classroom and ministry experience teaching all ages, Rachel's goal is to walk alongside other homeschooling families for the purpose of academic, emotional, and spiritual support. Rachel is a published non-fiction author (pen name “Rachel D. Lyne”) and is also a faith-based public speaker for women’s groups, schools (K-12th), and author groups. She holds degrees in Business Studies and Biblical Studies with a Concentration in Biblical Counseling. Connect with her @racheldlyne or www.racheldlyne.com.

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Marcie Holladay

Hi! I’m Marcie! I have 10 children who I’ve been homeschooling for the past 20 years. I love to write most of our homeschool lessons because it’s a creative outlet for me, because I can cater what we do to fit our family, and because I can’t afford individual lesson books for each child. Now I’m excited to share the curricula that we’ve loved with you! I hope many other families can make the special memories we’ve made over the years. I also hope it helps to support my family.

My children and I live on 36 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains where we love to hike, build forts, garden, play with our chickens, and milk our cow. I chronicle our daily life on my blog www.singlemomonafarm.com as well as write articles to help other moms. I love living here and I love being a mom!

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Jamie Keiser

I am a certified elementary teacher and work from home mom of 1. 

We are beginning to think about our homeschool journey so check us out for activities geared towards younger learners as well as my favorite things to make - printable bulletin board kits!  I have taught and worked with kids ages 6 weeks all the way up to 8th grade and I love making things that make teaching fun and aesthetically pleasing. 

Fun Facts:  I live in Northern MI. My husband works from home as well building log cabin shells. We have a small barn for chickens, a turkey, and 2 bunnies.  We also have 3 dogs, 2 snails, and a cat.

***I also provide virtual lessons that you can find at: https://outschool.com/teachers/Jamie-Keiser?refuid=yAaqkfxm

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Laura Kennedy

Hello. I'm Laura! I live in eastern PA with my husband, three young children, and a cat. I have my degree in education and have worked as a Special Education Elementary Teacher but have been home, teaching my three kids during their preschool years. I now teach/coach other moms in not only how to teach their children but how to have a closer walk with God while reaching their goals and being the person God wants them to be and they want to be. I love helping moms every day and am blessed to also do what God has called me to do.

My website www.laurakennedycoachingandconsulting.com 

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Tracey Machher

I'm an educator with over a decade of experience in creating Bible-based curriculum for young learners. Originally from Zimbabwe, I moved to the UK in my early twenties, which adds a unique touch to my accent.

English Literature and the Arts are my passions, coming from a family of readers and writers, including my 10-year-old daughter who published her first book. With 10 years in education, including 2 years in online teaching, I bring expertise in English Language Arts and Literature as a qualified English Language teacher with TEFL and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature.

I'm currently pursuing a Masters in English Literature with a minor in Education, I'm not just an educator but a lifelong learner and a Home Educating parent.

I've shared my passion for learning with 1,449 students worldwide, and I also enjoy hosting engaging escape rooms for a mental break. Join me on a faith-filled journey of literature and education centered around God. I teach classes on Teach Me Truth:  www.teachmetruth.com and Outschool: https://outschool.com/teachers/Miss-Tracey?usid=xDyJR6pW&signup=true&authTrigger=follow_teacher&utm_campaign=share_leader_link

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Alana May

Hi! My name is Alana May, and my passion is teaching science, particularly astronomy. There is nothing like hearing the "Ooos" and "Awws" from families who have seen the rings of Saturn for the first time through a telescope.

The Universe is a vast and amazing place! I am looking forward to sharing many of its curiosities and wonders with your learner! 

𝐄𝐝𝐮𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐝 E𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Physics from Angelo State University and a Master's of Science degree in Astrophysics from the University of Alabama where I studied extragalactic astronomy. While in graduate school, I was also a Teaching Assistant for the department's astronomy classes and labs. 

For the past decade, I have had the opportunity to homeschool my 3 children. As a family, we love learning together, and each day, we discover more about God’s amazing creation.

Link to my Outschool classes: https://outschool.com/teachers/Alana-May

You can also find me on:



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Beth Mellott

A homeschool veteran of 23 years, Beth Mellott began organizing field trips and creating curriculum almost from the beginning. She is now the president and field trip coordinator for the Harrisburg Area Homeschoolers Association (aka HAHA). 

Her company, HomeschooLegacy.com sells her ebook: The Ultimate South Central PA Field Trip Guide, which explores over 170 field trip ideas in South Central PA alone, as well as numerous unit studies and writing curriculum – all birthed from her desire to encourage her children to fall in love with learning.

Besides field trips and creating curriculum, Beth also enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and encouraging others in this wonderful, wacky, and rewarding journey we call homeschooling.

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April Middaugh

My name is April Middaugh. I have played the piano since I was in kindergarten and the ukulele for more 10 years. In addition, I have taken lessons on the organ, clarinet, oboe, flute, violin, trumpet and percussion.

I was a music teacher in various Christian schools in Guam and New York for 20 years before we unexpectedly had our miracle baby boy. I have taught elementary and junior high general music, piano lessons, group ukulele classes, private ukulele lessons, music theory, choir, select choir, band and basics of music for college students.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Music Education and a Master's degree in Church Music and am currently K-12 Music certified through ACSI.

I live in upstate New York with my husband, our son, Basset Hound, cat and 5 goldfish. I currently teach private online piano and ukulele lessons, pre-recorded music classes, as well as K-8 music and ukulele classes for a small Christian school.

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Melissa Muir

Melissa Muir and her husband homeschool their 4 children. While from the United States, she has lived in South America for over 10 years, having taught gifted students in Virginia public schools, ELLs in private schools, and online public speaking and critical thinking classes. Melissa’s affinity for making learning active and applicable is a hallmark of the products she creates. Happy teaching!

Learn more at her website and on social media.

Website: https://melissaisteaching.mystrikingly.com/

IG @melissaisteaching

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Diane Robertson

Hi! I am Diane Robertson, founder and owner of Robertson Academy Books, and mother to 13 children whom I homeschool. My oldest is 25 and my business partner and my youngest is 2 and keeping us all on our toes. 

 I began writing homeschool curriculum when I needed affordable high school curriculum for my own children and could not find what I needed. My hope for Robertson Academy books is that we can supply quality homeschool curriculum and books for affordable prices. 

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Lara Saldaña

Hi! My name is Lara and I’m a homeschool mom of 4 kiddos! I was homeschooled growing up and have been doing the same for mine for 5 years so far. We love nature and unit studies. We also love travel which is good because we live full time in an RV and travel to different places for my husband’s work. I hope you love my products!


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Moriah Sam

Moriah Sam’s Books is committed to providing children with fun and engaging stories that teach the amazing science behind God’s creation. Moriah Sam is a proud homeschool graduate and is looking forward to one day homeschooling her two young children. For more information please go to:www.moriahsam.com

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Valerie Stone with Elevate English

Hello everyone! I am Valerie Stone, and I live near Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband and my children, who are 23, 21, and 14 years old. This year, I completed my 16th year of homeschooling. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Cincinnati. I am a former social worker who later found my passion in teaching English composition and literature. I love developing innovative teaching methods that reach learners of various abilities. My experience with Autistic, ADHD, and gifted learners has shaped my approach to teaching, and I am always looking for new
ways to challenge and engage students.

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Mary Teegarden

Hello My name is Mary Teegarden and this is my 26th year of teaching and I am still as passionate about it today as when I first started. I have been a K-3
classroom teacher, a Children’s Director at a church, a Reading Specialist for Grades K-2 and now online teacher/private tutor.
My favorite part of teaching has always been the connection with my students and forming relationships with them, while meeting their needs through fun and engaging activities. My teaching business has provided the opportunity for me to do both of these things. I am excited to share my resources with you on this platform.

I would love to see you in one of my online classes soon!

5 Fun Facts About Me!
1. I am a mom to 3 amazing kids!
2. I love anything Chip and Joanna Gaines
3. I love to read! Especially biographies.
4. I love to travel and I am trying to visit all 50 state capitals
5. I love COFFEE!!!

Link to my Outschool Classes: Mary Teegarden-Reading Specialist

Link to my website www.teegardentutor.com

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Kelsey Thornton

Hello! My name is Kelsey. I am a certified Early Childhood Montessori teacher, and I love teaching a different array of subjects to students. I also love to share how to write fun songs on a program called Chrome Music Lab. If you would love to see what else I have to offer, please check out my YouTube here:https://youtube.com/@teachingonlinewithkelsey

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Evelyn VanSant

Graduating with a degree in K-8 education and completing an emphasis in Reading and Math for all levels, I have had the privilege of teaching public, private, and home school students in grades k-12.  Not only have I taught my three loves as listed above, but have enjoyed expanding my knowledge by teaching math, science, Bible, and history.  

    During the years I home educated my children, resources were scarce.  I’m delighted for the opportunity to assist the current generation of homeschooling families by sharing resources on this Nuggets of Wisdom. 

Additionally, I teach full time on Outschool and am in the process of loading some of my courses onto Teach Me Truth.


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Krystal Winn

Krystal Winn is a former teacher who now enjoys serving her local
homeschool communities. She has a passion for language exploration
and creative endeavors. She offers more printable resources here:


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Fabiola Woerner

Hi there! My name is Fabiola Woerner. I am a bilingual teacher and homeschooler. My mission is to create interactive and engaging activities that foster life-long learning!

Website: https://outschool.com/teachers/Fabiola-Woerner
IG: bilingual.teacherfabiola

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Madelyn Zenker

Madelyn has been an online teacher for the past 3 years, working with students from around the world. She loves helping students to make connections between the material and their lives. Madelyn lives in Normandy with her husband and sweet baby girl. In her free time, she enjoys warm cups of tea, good books, and beautiful walks in the countryside.

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