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PRE-ORDER Living Lights Curriculum: Quarter 1

PRE-ORDER Living Lights Curriculum: Quarter 1

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Welcome to Living Lights Curriculum!  This 8-week book with 373 pages contains core and elective subjects:

  • Language Arts and Bible with Flashcards
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Electives: Handicrafts, Music, Recipes, and Habit-Building

      *Book List and Math manipulatives sold separately.

Winnie the Pooh Adventures: Embark on whimsical adventures alongside Winnie the Pooh and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood. Through story time readings, students delve into the timeless tales penned by A.A. Milne, exploring themes of friendship, empathy, and imagination.

Bee's Life Cycle Exploration: Dive into the fascinating world of bees as students uncover the intricate stages of their life cycle. From the bustling activity of the hive to the miraculous process of pollination, learners gain a deeper appreciation for these vital pollinators through lots of fun study.

Montessori Math Mastery: Equip students with a solid mathematical foundation using Montessori-inspired methods. Through tactile manipulatives, learners engage with mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction. The emphasis is on hands-on learning experiences that promote conceptual understanding, problem-solving skills, and mathematical fluency.

Creative Handicrafts: Unleash students' creativity and fine motor skills through a variety of handicraft projects inspired by nature and literature. There are 4 projects provided in this curriculum during quarter 1.

Culinary Adventures: Embark on a culinary journey around the world as students discover what types of foods Winnie the Pooh might make with his honey.  These delicious recipes are sure to delight!

Composer's Corner: Immerse students in the rich tapestry of classical music as they explore the lives and works of renowned composers. During quarter 1, learners will explore those composers who are of British genealogy.  

Historical and Geographical Expeditions: During quarter 1, learners will enjoy finding out all about where they live, the world around them, and what animals are living on each continent.  They will also discover the oceans, some countries on each continent, and use 3-part Montessori flashcards to enhance their learning.

Letter Tracing Adventures: Build strong literacy skills from the ground up with engaging letter tracing activities. If your child is ready to pursue writing, letters have been provided for them to trace.  

Flashcards: Created with love, these flashcards are the perfect way to help children learn Bible verses, poems, and quotes from Milne.  Children will also be able to learn various British English words which correspond with American English words.  It's loads of fun!

Incorporating elements of play, exploration, literature reading, and real-world application, Living Lights Curriculum offers a dynamic and enriching educational experience that ignites curiosity, cultivates lifelong learners, and illuminates the path to a brighter future. With its biblical and Charlotte Mason approach to learning and emphasis on individualized instruction, this curriculum ensures that every student shines brightly as they embark on their educational journey.

We are so excited to see how much your child can learn on this beautiful journey of life!  You can purchase a physical copy beginning August 5.  Get the first week free to try out here!

Homeschooling co-ops are welcome to email us at to get a discount on multiple copies.

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