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Clunies-Ross, Faye

A Maze-ing Book 2

A Maze-ing Book 2

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Mazes are a great way to help develop fine motor skills! From grasping the pencil, to the hand-eye coordination of staying in the lines. Starting easy and gradually becoming more difficult increases skill level and confidence.

Farm and wilderness themes help keep young learners interested and engaged. Some examples are; "Help the mouse find the cheese", and "Help the bee fly home".

Use the mazes as a reward for completed schoolwork or just for fun!

Drawing with colored markers or crayons work best to help the child stay on track and not lose their place. Say, "Stay on the path" or "Keep the truck on the road", to encourage the child to stay in the lines.

For K4,and K5.

Digital format.

Similar mazes are also included in my Creative Reading and Writing workbooks.

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