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ABC's Bible Verses ESV Work For 3-6th Grades

ABC's Bible Verses ESV Work For 3-6th Grades

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Have you ever wanted your child to read more of the Bible or read and study more with them?  This gentle approach allows children to learn as they go through one Bible verse per letter of the alphabet.

Each page is designed with context in mind, and I wanted to make sure that kids as young as my 8-year-old could do it together with me.

Bible version: ESV

Each letter contains 3 pages.  The first page is where they trace the verse in cursive.  On the second page, they have a chance to write the verse themselves either in print or cursive.  The last page has questions where they will either answer, read that passage and explain, or look up specific words and their meanings.  You might need to help them with some of the context as words such as "lean" (Proverbs 3:5) might have a different meaning than what they're probably thinking.

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