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ARTventurous Animals

Alphabet Posters and Flashcards with Cute Animals for Phonics Review

Alphabet Posters and Flashcards with Cute Animals for Phonics Review

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Elevate your phonics review and classroom decor with these captivating Animal Alphabet Posters and Flashcards. Designed to make learning the alphabet a breeze, these vibrant resources feature adorable animal characters that are sure to engage young readers.


With this comprehensive Animal Alphabet Posters and Flashcards pack, you'll receive all 26 posters and 26 small flashcards, providing a visually stimulating resource for both alphabet learning and phonics review.


1. Print and Laminate: Print these educational gems on sturdy cardstock and laminate them for durability. This ensures that your Animal Alphabet Posters and Flashcards withstand the test of time, maintaining their vivid colors and pristine quality.

I did NOT laminate them and hung them in my toddler's room...big mistake! They were all ripped down within a week.

2. Decorate with Posters: The 26 colorful posters (8x11 inches) serve as versatile decorative elements for your homeschool classroom. Hang them on your walls to infuse a lively and educational atmosphere. They are perfect for bringing some fun color and characters to your house, and they also serve as an excellent resource for phonics review.

3. Engage the Group: The large flashcards are perfect for group activities. Whether it’s multiple siblings learning the alphabet, a homeschool co-op, or a micro-school, the 8x11 size can be see by all. Try them out in a circle time setting!

4. Versatile Small Flashcards: The set also includes 26 small flashcards (3x5 inches) that are ideal for individual phonics practice, small group activities, one-on-one learning sessions, and engaging independent games. These versatile cards can be tailored to various teaching scenarios, ensuring that every child’s phonics skills are sharpened.

5. Perfect for Homeschooling: Whether you're a homeschooling parent or educator, these flashcards and posters are invaluable tools for phonics review. They adapt effortlessly to a homeschooling environment, making phonics learning an enjoyable and effective experience.

GRADE: K-2nd




Enjoy reading!

-Abbey Allen ARTventurous Animals

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