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Middaugh, April

Amazing Grace: Ukulele tabs, chords and lyrics

Amazing Grace: Ukulele tabs, chords and lyrics

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When purchasing this product, you will receive a 1-page TIFF document with the song Amazing Grace in the Key of G for ukulele.

Included on this document are these things: *Traditional notes written in the Treble Clef (can also be used for other Treble Clef instruments, such as the flute, clarinet, oboe, violin, guitar, trumpet, tone chimes, orchestral bells and piano)

*Tabs for picking the notes on your ukulele

*Chords (which can be used for guitar or piano as well)

*Lyrics for 3 verses of the hymn

*Suggested strum pattern: Waltz Strum: Down Down Up Down (which is marked as D DUD in the music) or 1 2&3. To make it easier, it can also be strummed with a simple Down Down Down strum pattern.

*Introduction to the song: 1 strumming pattern per chord (D DUD) or 3 down strums per chord

This song uses these chords: G, C, D7 and is intended for late beginners or early intermediate ukulele students.

More ukulele songs are coming soon to Nuggets of Wisdom!

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