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Robertson, Diane

Animal Report

Animal Report

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Animal Report is a PDF file digital download. It is 15 pages long, and is a step-by-step lesson on how to write an animal report for 3rd to 4th grade or the 8- to 10-year-old child.

The Lesson includes basic instructions on how to write a research report including:

What to do to research
How to organize research
How to write the Opening
How to write the Body
How to write to Closing
What extras to include
How to edit
How to type a final draft

It is expected that the student will look up:

Choose a topic
Fill out an explanatory worksheet
Write a rough draft report in essay format
Draw a picture of the topic animal
Draw a picture of the topic animal’s home
Create two graphs
Edit spelling, capitalization, fragment sentence, and run-on sentences
Type up a final draft
Insert picture and graphs into the typed copy

The lesson definitely needs guidance from a parent or teacher as the student is asked to use the internet and library for research, create graphs or tables, scan their drawings and graphs, and type up their final draft.

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce elementary students on how to research and how to organize and complete research writing. It teaches the common essay format that all teachers will require through the college years. It teaches how to edit one’s own writing, and hopefully it teaches a love of learning by providing a research topic that the majority of kids love to learn about: animals.

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