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ARTventurous Animals

Animal Story Problems - 40 Math Activities with Art and Antarctic Animals

Animal Story Problems - 40 Math Activities with Art and Antarctic Animals

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Conquer story problems with art, animals, and adventure.


If your class is struggling with basic arithmetic story problems, this Antarctic Animals Pack will help them get it without the fuss!


Just print, cut, and watch them understand.


Students get a unique experience as they dive into the coldest place on earth with 4 animal friends, drawing and creating along the way.


They'll be begging to do more!


Jeremy the Leopard Seal
Elsie the Snow Petrel
Kylie the Orca
Hopper the Emperor Penguin

So what’s included?

40 unique story problems, each with 10 story problems per arithmetic process (ex. 10 for addition, 10 for subtraction, etc.)

Step-by-step Drawing Guides for each animal

How to Use and Supplies List

Answer Key

Bonus Freebie

TOPIC: Math, Arithmetic, Antarctica
GRADE: 3rd-6th

How to use in your classroom:

Morning Time: These are a mindful, quiet way to start any day, especially if you've learned about these arithmetic processes before.
Hand Outs: These worksheets can be used as the application of your math lesson. Students can work independently and show what they learned.
Field Trip Companions: Throw these worksheets onto a clipboard and go visit a zoo!
Stations: Place these worksheets into a folder and leave at a station with art supplies. Independent Activity: Need to step out? These are easy to follow and low-stress for your older kids to work on their own!

Happy adventuring!

-Abbey Allen

ARTventurous Animals

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