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Beth Mellott

April Antonyms & Synonyms

April Antonyms & Synonyms

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April Antonyms & Synonyms is a 5-page resource geared towards upper elementary/middle school students, that explains, by example and practice, the difference between antonyms and synonyms.

Here is a sample:

Antonym – a big word that simply means a word that is opposite in meaning.

On / off - think about it, the light is either on or off, but it cannot be both at the same time. Happy / sad - you can be either happy or sad but not at the same time.

Synonym – another big word that simply means a word that has a similar or nearly the same meaning as another word.

Walk/stroll - you can say you walked and strolled through the park because they are both leisurely ways to get somewhere on foot.

Girl / female – a person can be both a girl and a female because the words mean the same thing.

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