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ASL ABC Alphabet Tracing Book

ASL ABC Alphabet Tracing Book

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What's Included:
Each letter of the alphabet has 4 pages given to helping learn how to read, trace, write, and fingerspell words in our language.

Some tips when going through this workbook:

First, whatever hand your child colors or writes with is the hand that you should practice. It's normal to try and switch hands. Just gently correct and move on. I tried to keep this workbook by using short vowel words unless it was not possible. Some short vowel words will have vowels that haven't been taught yet. I just wanted you to be aware now before diving in.

Have fun and sign with your children. The brain is amazing and you will see how even just 5 minutes a day, signing the alphabet, will prove how quickly they can and do learn.

When this workbook is complete, I would love if you could review my work on our website: 

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