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Black and White Teachers' Journal

Black and White Teachers' Journal

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This teacher's journal is perfect for those who need help keeping track of everything!  As a teacher, I get needing lots of room to write, space to create and write down ideas, etc...

76 Pages; Digital Download

What's Included:

1. Teacher Journal Cover and Spine
2. Teaching Goals Page
3. Daily Reflection Question Page
4. Weekly Reflection Question Page
5. Blank Lined Reflection of the Day Page
6. Classroom Values Page
7. Word of the Day Page
8. Why You Teach Reasons Page
9. Timekeeper Page
10. To Do List
11. Weekly Plans Page
12. Big Ideas Page
13. My Affirmations Page 
14. Personal Journal Prompts Pages
15. Undated Wall Calendar (Landscape) 
16. Undated 3-Page Weekly Spread Portrait Calendar with Notes and Time Frame sections

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