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Teegarden, Mary

Bumblebee Phoneme Segmentation Sorting Activity

Bumblebee Phoneme Segmentation Sorting Activity

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This fun bumblebee themed phonemic awareness activity is perfect for:
● Your Pre-K Kindergarten Literacy Centers
● In a 1:1 or small group intervention setting
● In a homeschool or co-op setting

In this activity your child/student will practice segmenting the sounds in words.

This game includes:
● 4 bee hives( 2 phoneme words/3 phoneme words/4 phoneme words/5 phoneme words)
● 90 individual bee cards with picture clues on each one.
● An answer sheet to help with quick checking.

This game is designed to help children/students practice hearing and segmenting individual phonemes in a word.

Why is phonemic awareness so important?
Recognizing that words are made up of different sounds, and that those sounds can be changed, is essential for success in learning to read and spell. Being able to take words apart, put them together again and adapt them into a new word (or even a nonsense word!) is a fundamental skill.

Students/children will look at each bee card picture clue.
They will say the individual sounds in the word and then choose the beehive that matches the number of individual phonemes(sounds) in that word.

Students/children will place the bee card on the hive that matches it.
Once a student/child is done. You can do a quick check to see how they have done.

**This game can be modified based on the skill level of the child/student. If they are beginner level for the skill then start with 2 phoneme words. More advanced at the skill work on 4 or 5 phoneme words.

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