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Robertson, Diane

Charles Lindbergh, a History Lesson

Charles Lindbergh, a History Lesson

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This is a history lesson with questions to answer, a word find, and a list of definitions of people and things related to early aviation. The digital download is 17 pages long. The lesson includes a reading section, open ended questions, a section including definitions of people and planes from early aviation and a word find. This lesson is good for middle school and high school, but can be adapted for younger kids who can read well.

Charles Lindbergh was the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean between NYC and Paris. He beat the record for longest flight by nearly 2,000 miles and became an instant celebrity. The history of Charles Lindbergh makes an interesting side lesson to any 20th century history curriculum because Lindbergh was only 25 when he made his famous trip.

His younger life between high school graduation is particularly interesting because he did things differently. He dropped out of college, began aviation school, couldn't pay the fees required to fly solo, so he left that and began flying with other people doing stunts and giving paid joy-flights. When he had made enough money on that, he bought his own plane and began flying solo as a stunt pilot and flying paying individuals around.

When he crashed his plane, which he did frequently, he always repaired it himself. When he wanted to try for the flying across the Atlantic Ocean contest, again, he found innovative ways. Other interesting aspects are the kidnapping and murder of his baby.

A lot can be learned from studying people in history and not just dates and events, and lessons that can be learned from Charles Lindbergh about working hard for your passion and entrepreneurship.

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