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Muir Melissa

CLASS FEEDBACK SYSTEM: In-Class Notes Template & 6 Student Feedback Clips

CLASS FEEDBACK SYSTEM: In-Class Notes Template & 6 Student Feedback Clips

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This in-class student feedback notes template simplifies the feedback process so you can bring added value to your classes with specific responses to your student's progress!

Online tutors are juggling a lot during class:

  • student progress
  • student goals
  • the lesson plan
  • the technology
  • and more!

Simplify that process with this in-class notes template.

This digital download includes 2 sections.

  1. A notes template with areas to jot down thoughts which will guide student feedback.
  2. Six done-for-you feedback clips you can use on a loop with your students. Just add in the relevant feedback and you're done!

I created this product after over 6 years of tutoring online and in person. There are so many challenges new tutors face including price negotiation battles, cancellation abuses, and feeling overwhelmed by feedback.

These pages are meant to alleviate that stress you may feel as you get started. It's a user-friendly template you can print out and make into a packet for each of your students. Over time, you'll be able to look back on their progress!

Be sure to follow my store as I continue to create more helpful resources for diversified online teachers and tutors.

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