Colorful Canning Planner

Colorful Canning Planner

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Do you need help organizing your canning this year?

This undated canning planner can help with that!

What's Included:

1. Front and Back cover with multiple choices of spines in inch depth.
2. Canning Pantry Staples
3. To-Do List
4. Items Needed List
5. Beginner vs. Pro Guide
6. List of different foods you can can at home
7. Brainstorm Page
8. Home Canning Supply List Blank Page
9. Canning Planner Sheet
10. Canning Schedule
11. Summer, Fall, and Winter Shopping List
12. Monthly Planner and To-Do List
13. Canning Inventory
14. Frozen Inventory
15. Dehydrated Inventory
16. Equipment Inventory
17. Supplies Inventory
18. Canning Journal Page
19. Annual Preserving Calendar Page
20. Canning Journal 
21. Recipe for Strawberry Jam
22. Notes
23. Round Labels for Jars

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