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Colorful Cleaning and Decluttering Planner

Colorful Cleaning and Decluttering Planner

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If you're like me, you need help decluttering.  I get it!  This fun planner will help you get there.

85 pages; digital download

What's Included:

1. 3-Page undated calendar spread covering the month and daily schedule
2. Undated landscape wall calendar covering all 12 months
3. Binder cover and spine
4. Daily, Monthly, Seasonal, Speed, and Zone Cleaning
5. Task Chart
6. 7-Day Decluttering Challenge
7. 30 Day Decluttering Challenge
8. Fix, Replace, or Sell Sheet
9. Get Rid of in 30 Days Sheet
10. Cleaning Task Designation Sheet
11. Declutter Checklist
12. Find Root of Clutter Sheet
13. Break Down Decluttering Sheet
14. Declutter Schedule Sheet
15. Decluttering Blank Month Spreadsheet
16. Individual Room Cleaning Sheets

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