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“Colors of Salvation” Gospel Evangelism Bundle

“Colors of Salvation” Gospel Evangelism Bundle

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Share the gospel with these simple, tangible color-coded cards! The Colors of Salvation Gospel Evangelism Bundle is an easy way to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ using colors that represent Bible truths. Each color is followed by a scripture verse that explains each concept. A perfect resource for Easter evangelism, Vacation Bible School programs, Sunday School lessons and more!

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Looking for a meaningful addition for your fun treat bags? Simply download, print, and cut out the matching treat tags in two sizes! Hole punch on the hole guide at the top of the tag and tie with string or cord.

Also included! A guide for using the Colors of Salvation cards with colored beads. Add as a craft project that listeners can work on while the gospel message is being presented. Plus! A coloring page detailing each Color of Salvation color and meaning!

How to Use Colors of Salvation

Cards and Tags

Share the gospel message with colored beads!

The “Colors of Salvation” cards and tags work perfectly alongside colored beads to explain the powerful message of salvation through Jesus Christ in a tangible and unforgettable way! The beads can be strung together in order to create a bracelet or necklace for the listener to create. Using the colored beads mentioned in the tags, each representing a key aspect of the gospel message, consider the following suggested steps on how to effectively use beads to explain the Colors of Salvation .

Step 1: Gather the Materials
First, ensure you have all the necessary materials: Colored beads: You'll need specific colors to represent different parts( include gold, black, red, white, and green). String or cord: This will be used to thread the beads together to form a bracelet or necklace. Bible or gospel literature to refer to during the presentation.

Step 2: Understand the Meaning of Each Bead
It's important to understand the significance of each colored bead: Gold/Yellow: Represents God's perfect kingdom in heaven. Black: Symbolizes sin, which separates us from God. Red: Represents the blood of Jesus shed on the cross for the forgiveness of sins. White: Symbolizes forgiveness and purity, obtained through faith in Jesus Christ. Green: Represents spiritual growth and the new life believers experience in Christ.

Step 3: Prepare Your Presentation
Plan out how you will explain each bead's meaning in a clear and concise manner. Practice your presentation to ensure you can deliver it effectively.

Step 4: Share the Gospel Message
Introduce the Concept: Explain that each colored bead represents a different part of the gospel message.

Start with Black: Discuss how sin entered the world, separating humanity from God's perfect kingdom.

Transition to Red: Share the good news of Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross, shedding His blood to pay the penalty for our sins.

Continue with White: Emphasize that through faith in Jesus Christ, our sins are forgiven, and we are made pure and righteous in God's eyes.

Move on to Blue: Tell about the next step of baptism, a public declaration of our trust in Christ.

Conclude with Green: Highlight the importance of spiritual growth and living a new life in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Conclude with Gold: Encourage with the hope of Heaven, the promise of an eternal home for all who believe.

Invite Response: Offer an opportunity for the listener to respond to the gospel message by placing their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Step 5: Follow-Up and Encourage
After sharing the gospel using salvation beads, follow up with the individual to answer any questions they may have and provide further guidance on their journey of faith. Encourage them to seek a deeper understanding of the gospel through reading the Bible and connecting with a community of believers.

THANK YOU for joining us on this learning adventure!

It is our hope that you enjoy using this product as much as we enjoyed creating it.

** This product “Colors of Salvation Color Cards,Tags, and Coloring Page” is for NONCOMMERCIAL USE ONLY: All files/images/printables/prints are for noncommercial use only. Files are not for resale. You may print as many copies as you wish for group and ministry purposes.** For questions or concerns, please contact by email at

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