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Robertson, Diane

Complete High School Language Arts Curriculum Creative Writing Course

Complete High School Language Arts Curriculum Creative Writing Course

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This is a complete language arts course for the high school level. It focuses on creative writing. It begins with lessons on how to write several different poems of varying difficulty to help the student focus on word choice and imagery and packing a lot of meaning into a few words before moving on to how to create and write short stories. Poetry is a good beginning to learn how to write anything because it makes the writer give serious consideration to each word written and how each word relates to the next. 

This course contains 32 lessons on writing as well as several creative writing devices that are rare to find taught at the high school level.  It also contains 32 weeks of spelling and vocabulary lessons. It has 32 grammar lessons at the high school level. A decent understanding of grammar will be necessary to understand these lessons. The book also contains 32 lessons on literary devices, and 32 reading lessons that focus on analyzing and understanding complex and classical writings. 

This course is a full language arts course and would work for English 9, 10, 11, or 12 for one credit on homeschool transcripts. This course contains college prep material. 


285 Pages. Digital Download.

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