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Holladay, Marcie

Complete Meteorology Course. No prep. Self-Guided.

Complete Meteorology Course. No prep. Self-Guided.

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Perfect for the budding meteorologist!!

Complete weather course with 38 lessons. Created for 3 days a week for one semester.

No prep and no teacher help needed. You just need to buy the textbook (BBC Weather: $4-10 on Amazon) or check it out from the library. Then open this 20 page student packet and get to work!

Each daily lesson tells you which pages to read and then has questions, short essays, fill in the blanks, vocab words, movies to watch, and extra information to look up.

It is written in a friendly tone that encourages the student to learn as much as he can about the weather and keep loving meteorology!

This course also includes the 107-page pdf of extra activities from the NOAA website--Student Activities in Meteorology (SAM) that will stretch, challenge, and inspire your meteorologist.

Print my 20-page syllabus along with pages 19-95 in the SAM packet, hole punch them, and put in a binder and your student is ready to go.

[*Price only includes my syllabus. I am not selling the SAM activities, just offering them to you for free with my course as they are online for free on the NOAA website (but hard to find.)]

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