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Creation Coloring Worksheets - Bible Art Activity with Verses

Creation Coloring Worksheets - Bible Art Activity with Verses

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Discover the Days of Creation through ART!


Kids will dive into Genesis 1 by coloring in beautiful worksheets that spark creativity.


Each coloring page highlights a day of Creation and includes a supporting verse.

Do your kids need help memorizing verses? Try these coloring pages! Coloring in the important "bubbled" words helps connect key terms within verses and helps kids memorize easier.



So what’s included?

7 Unique Coloring Pages about the Days of Creation
How to Use and Supplies Pages
Bonus Freebie!

How to use:

Morning Time: These are a mindful, quiet way to start any day, especially if you've learned about the Days of Creation the day before.

Hand Outs: These worksheets can be used as the application of your Creation lesson. Students can work independently and show what they learned.

Chapel/Church Companions: Throw these worksheets onto a clipboard and give your kids an on-topic way to pay attention in chapel or church service.

Stations: Place these worksheets into a folder and leave at a station with art supplies.

Sub Activity: Need to step out for a bit? These are easy to follow and low-stress for a sub!

GRADE: 1st-6th

TOPIC: Creation, Bible, Coloring, Art


PAGES: 7 unique coloring pages

Happy Coloring!

-Abbey Allen

ARTventurous Animals

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