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Teegarden, Mary

CVC Word Activity Card Set

CVC Word Activity Card Set

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These PRINTABLE CVC Word Clip Cards are perfect for:
● Homeschool setting
● literacy center time
● small group intervention group setting
● digitally on a laptop or desktop computer during a zoom class or on
a smartboard as a whole class activity

Students will enjoy using:
● clothespin clips
● dry erase markers
to choose the correct answer for each card.

This resource includes 11 pages of activity cards. That is 80 cards total for children to work through and practice with.

1. Students will look at the picture on the right side of each card.
2. They will then use a clothespin clip or dry erase marker to select the
correct CVC word that matches the picture.
3. When students are done, they can lay them out on the center table or the floor for you to quickly look at and check in with them.

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