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Holladay, Marcie

Daily School Record Chart. Perfect for preschool, unschool, or homeschool!

Daily School Record Chart. Perfect for preschool, unschool, or homeschool!

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This is an awesome chart for keeping track of all the school you do each day! I originally made it when my oldest were preschoolers and wanted to see at a glance how much educational activities we were doing. It's also perfect for unschoolers who want to count daily activities as school and homeschoolers who have textbooks and worksheets in some subjects and who learn informally in others.

How to use it: You can either print one for each child or one for the whole family (if you do most subjects together or have toddlers/preschoolers that you educate together.)

For each subject you can either write how many pages they did in a curriculum (or the pages numbers) or write another activity that falls under that subject. For example, for math you can record that she did 3 pages or write that you drilled math facts in the car. Reading can be a curriculum or recorded as amount of minutes read each day (out loud to parent, by himself, or read to from a chapter book by parent.) Language Arts can be writing a letter to Grandma.

Science can be talking about nocturnal animals, starting an ant farm, identifying birds on a walk with your bird book, discussing the weather, etc. Usually social studies involves history and geography for younger grades but I separated them because I like it broken down more. Sometimes we talk about hospital workers or the presidential election so that would be social studies. But then we talk about the Swine Flu of 2009 and that would be history. And we look at a map of where the Swine Flu spread and that would be geography.

I counted computer as either computer games (we do very little of this but I wanted to track it to make sure it was no more than once a week), or composing music, or typing. Music can be dancing to different genres of music, formal lessons, or just goofing off with a recorder. For other you can add anything else your child did that day--play doh, sandbox, puppet show, etc.

You get the idea!! You're welcome to add subjects you need to like foreign language. I used to have a "social" category because we are homeschooled and people said my kids aren't social enough.

Charting it made me realize how many times we babysat, went to the park with friends, did an egg hunt with friends, rode bikes with the neighbors, etc. We were more social than I thought!

This chart allowed me to count educational activities as school and see that I'm pretty balanced even if we're not doing bought curriculum for each subject. I'm sure you're doing more than you thought too! Download it and edit it to your liking. Or make your own using mine as a reference.

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