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Teegarden, Mary

Digraphs and Blends Board Games

Digraphs and Blends Board Games

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I am always looking for fun and engaging ways to get my K-2 students to practice the foundational reading skills that we are working on. I created this printable resource to help children/students practice decoding and reading words with blends and digraphs.

This resource can be used in:
● In individual 1:1 Tutoring Session or Reading Intervention
● In a small group literacy center
● In a homeschool setting

This resource includes 11 different printable game boards that contain words with different blends and digraphs.

1. To use this resource print out a color or black and white version of the game boards.
2. You can either laminate or put in plastic page protectors to preserve the game pages.
3. Gather some dice and game pieces. I have used many different game pieces in my classroom including actual game tokens, buttons, pennies etc.
4. Students place their game pieces on start and roll the die.
5. They move that many spaces and then try to read the word.
6. If they can read it, they get to stay on that space.
7. If they cannot read it, they must go back to start and begin again.
8. The first person to get to the finish line wins.

My students love to play these games and ask for them often. The best part is they think they are playing a game and don't realize that they are practicing their reading skills at the same time!!

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