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Thornton, Kelsey

Elementary Pirate Treasure Hunt Escape Room

Elementary Pirate Treasure Hunt Escape Room

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This printable resource is perfect for upper elementary-aged students who want to play escape room games in the classroom. This can be used at any point in the school year!

In this resource, you will find the student group worksheets where the instructions on how to play are available, and also a teacher disclosure on how to play the game with students if you want to give out a physical "treasure chest." There is also an answer key for the teacher to keep track of students' answer during game play.

There are 5 clues where they unlock key words in this resource:

  1. A maze where they also unscramble words they find on the maze path.
  2. One word too many (students find the word used too many times in sentences).
  3. Sudoku decode where when done correctly will also decode the next key words.
  4. Shades of meaning where students color certain squares that have a certain shape in them to see what key word is revealed to them next.
  5. Students use a graph cipher to decode their final keyword.
  6. Final portion is where they unscramble their keyword to figure out where the buried treasure is (the keywords are: "Your treasure is in the closet!)
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