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Teegarden, Mary

Ending Sound Match Activity Clip Card Set

Ending Sound Match Activity Clip Card Set

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I created this resource to help children/students strengthen their phonemic awareness skills. This resource helps children isolate and identify the final sound in a word.

Why is Phonemic Awareness So Critical For Young Learners?

This ability to hear speech sounds clearly, and to differentiate them, is what allows us to acquire language easily, and this knowledge of language is key to our understanding of what we read.

This resource includes:
● 80 individual clip cards for students/children to work through.

Gather either clothes pin clips or dry erase markers.  Either one works great with this resource. Give students/children a set amount of clip cards to work on.  Student/child will say the larger picture aloud and listen for the ending sound. Then they will look for a smaller picture that has the same ending sound.  They will clip or circle the match.

Enjoy working through this activity with your child/student!!

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