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Teegarden, Mary

Ending Sounds BINGO Card Set

Ending Sounds BINGO Card Set

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I created this fun and engaging phonemic awareness resource to help you practice isolating and identifying the ending sounds in words with your child/student.. This Ending Sounds BINGO Card Set includes 25 different BINGO cards to choose from. To help this set last longer you can laminate them after printing.

Why is phonemic awareness so important?
Phonemic awareness is one of the best predictors of a student’s ability to read fluently. This ability to hear speech sounds clearly, and to differentiate them, is what allows us to acquire language easily, and this knowledge of language is key to our understanding of what we read.

● Print out the BINGO sheets and laminate.
● Grab markers for bingo board: we use pennies or buttons or counters when we play.
● Call out a letter sound and have children search their boards for a picture that ends with that sound.
● They win when they have a row of three (vertically, horizontally or diagonally)

I hope you enjoy playing this game with your child/student as much as I do with mine!!

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