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Robertson, Diane

Essay Writing For High School

Essay Writing For High School

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This is an essay writing course for the upper high school level and early college students. This is a necessary course for college readiness for almost every university. This is not a fun course, but it does teach proper technical writing that universities require of their students. It can also be useful for the high school student who does not plan to attend college but has a business plan in which technical writing is a necessity. 

  This course covers essay writing, grammar, language usage, and vocabulary. All information on how to quote, how to use quotation marks, how to paraphrase and how to include indented long quotations, as well as how to cite quotations inside a paragraph and at the end of a research paper or essay are included in this course for both the apa and mla. 

There are 41 lessons, 9 quizzes, 10 essay assignments that teach how to write 10 different types of essays, 1 research paper assignment, and a final exam. 

Answers are found in the appendix. 

This is considered a one semester course, approximately a 1/2 credit for high school students. This course does not include literature lessons. 

 172 Pages. Digital Download.

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