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Robertson, Diane

Everything Phrases for High School

Everything Phrases for High School

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Everything Phrases for High School is a PDF downloadable and printable file. It is a compilation of grammar lessons on phrases.

It covers these phrases:

Noun Phrases
  Subject Noun Phrases
  Object Noun Phrases
  Complement Noun Phrases

Prepositional Phrases

Participial Phrases
Infinitive Phrases
  Subject Infinitive Phrases
  Object Infinitive Phrases
  Adjective Infinitive Phrases
  Adverb Infinitive Phrases

Gerund Phrases

Appositive Phrases

Before completing this lesson compilation, the student must know the parts of speech, subject and verb predicates, and understand direct objects. This is an advanced lesson. It is not basic grammar.

This compilation gives a lesson on each type of phrase with explanations and examples and hints on how to tell what each phrase is in a sentence. After each major phrase type, there is one exercise to complete. The exercises usually consist of reading a sentence and underlining a specific phrase in that sentence.

Answers are included at the end of the document.

This lesson compilation is important for college bound high school students as it will likely be a part of every basic, required English course regardless of major or interest. The lesson is also good for any non-college bound high school student who wants to write for a living and needs to have a sound understanding of sentence structure. But if you have a student that loves grammar trivia, this lesson will teach them some finicky details of grammar no matter what they want to do after high school.

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