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Robertson, Diane

Everything Pluralizing Words

Everything Pluralizing Words

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This is another:
It's the Little Things
Some of that stuff a lot of curriculum doesn't cover, but kids need to know.

This lesson is: Everything you need to know about pluralizing words--- it's not just adding 's'.

This is a pdf digital file that is 14 pages long.

It goes over:

1. the fact that in the English language pluralizing nouns and changing the verb to match the subject follows all of the same rules. 2. 8 rules of how to pluralize nouns and verbs
3. Examples for each rule.
4. Words that break the rules (because this is the English language and that is the reality of spelling English words.)
5. A little discussion of each rule to make it easier, or to let the student know, they simply have to memorize some of this stuff.

Then the student is expected to make 100 nouns and verbs plural.

The answer sheet is included so busy moms who are not sure, do not need to bring up spell check or look in a dictionary.

The Rules are:

1. Add an ‘s’ to most words.
2. Add ‘es’ to words that end with ‘s’, ‘ss’, ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ‘x’, or ‘z’.
3. If a word ends with a ‘consonant and y’, then drop the ‘y’ and add ‘ies’.
4. If a word ends with a ‘vowel and y’, then just add ‘s’.
5. For most words that end with ‘f’ or ‘fe’ Drop the ‘f’ or ‘fe’ and add ‘ves’.
6. For some words that end in ‘o’ add ‘es’, for some words add ‘s’.
7. Some words completely change, like mouse to mice.
8. Some words don’t change at all, Like one sheep, two sheep.

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