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Finance Bundle for Kids

Finance Bundle for Kids

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Calling all parents! Get excited for this fantastic opportunity to help your children grown in financial responsibility with our Finance Bundle for Kids! This bundle is full of printable tools to help you get you kids on the right money track! Help your kids get a head start and become money-wise with this customizable, easy-to-use bundle.

Do your children need help keeping up with their allowance? Or maybe a visual incentive to earn more allowance? Download and print our Allowance Tracker! Fill in the blanks labeled “Task”, “Value”, “Weekday”, and “Total”! Both Sunday and Monday start designs are included.

Use the Budget Worksheet to help your children learn how to keep track of a budget. Fill in the spaces labeled “Date”, “Description”, “Income”, “Expenses”, “Amount” and “Balance”.

How fun is it to earn rewards bucks? With the Rewards Bucks Tracker, you can help your child practice earning while using bucks instead of money. You choose the behavior or task that is required, the amount of “bucks” that each task will pay, and the appropriate reward that can be chosen for each amount. This tracker includes 6 pages of full-color rewards bucks to use along with the chart! Hi fives all around!

Use our “10 Ideas to Help You Earn Money as a Kid!” when you run out of ideas. From growing their own produce to selling crafts, this list will foster creativity and challenge your children to think about various ways they can serve others.

Keep up with earnings with our Earnings Tracker. You decide which opportunities your children will have to earn from you. Whether saving for tickets to a baseball game or a special gift for a grandparent, his tracker will help them stay organized and get a good perspective on how to reach their own money goals!

What’s Included with this purchase?
1. Allowance Tracker (Full Color and Black and White)
2. Budget Worksheet (Full Color and Black and White)
3. Reward Bucks Tracker (Full Color and Black and White)
4. 6 Pages of Reward Bucks!
5. Earnings Tracker (Full Color and Black and White)
6. 10 Ideas to Help You Earn Money as a Kid!

Dive into the excitement of sharpening your kids’ financial skills. Grab this bundle today!

PERSONAL USE ONLY: All files/images/printables/prints are for personal (non-commercial) use only. Please do not share, forward, sell, or redistribute in any capacity.

Files are not for resale.

You may print as many copies as you wish for your personal use.
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