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Beth Mellott

Flat Stanley Unit Study (33-Pages)

Flat Stanley Unit Study (33-Pages)

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The Flat Stanley Unit Study is a 33-page unit based loosely on the story of Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown and teaches your student about the amazing diversity that exists in our 50 states from the people who actually live there. Send your child across the country to explore life in another state and he/she will never be the same.

  • Designed to last for an entire year – or longer 
  • Targets Elementary & Middle School students 
  • Teaches:
    • the dying art of letter writing 
    • how to properly address a letter 
    • addressing an envelope
    • the importance of Thank You notes 
  • Includes: 
    • copy work 
    • The Pledge of Allegiance
    • Links to the National Anthem and other patriotic songs
    • Field trip ideas
    • the two-letter abbreviations for each state
    • state capitals
    • nicknames of several major US cities
    • a maze running from coast to coast
    • quizzes and answers
  • By the end your student will have:
    • a 6-page US Booklet 
    • a  6-page My State Booklet
    • a TON of information on states across the nation

But be prepared to store all the information you collect because your children will not want to part with any of it!

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