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Muir Melissa

French Chef Game, Problem Solving Extension Activity, Speaking & Debate Practice

French Chef Game, Problem Solving Extension Activity, Speaking & Debate Practice

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Speaking practice in French can be fun!

This instant download includes:

  • -4 open-ended possibilities for solutions to the challenges.
  • -Build-A-Menu game matrix provides student choice (great for neurodiverse and GATE learners)
  • a script to explain the scenario to your students.
  • -With a wrap-up conversation regarding student preferences and reasoning behind their choices, they are offered the chance to justify themselves in the target language.

Suggested use:

  • -Writing prompt generator
  • -Extension game for diverse language levels
  • -STEM or GATE classes to bring up discussions on creative problem solving
  • -Group collaboration exercises to encourage debate and discussion

-This activity can be used in various ways to meet the needs of diverse learners. Connecting 21st Century Skills with fun, situational elements, students will enjoy the challenge set before them.

-While this may begin as a discussion activity, it may also double as a writing prompt when students reach the final matrix activity.

-GATE and neurodiverse learners will appreciate the opportunity for choice.

-Built-in differentiation with choice and flexibility for response length and complexity.


-Using each slide as a warm up option would be a great way to get students talking.

-Friendly competition and creativity reign as students take everyday objects to help make their kitchen goals a reality!

-The opportunity for extension comes from the final "Create-A-Menu" matrix in which students may craft a piece of creative writing (a story about their kitchen adventure and menu they crafted, or even a menu design!).

-Publishing options could extend to include creating a design for their menu, as well as a dramatic reenactment using some of the objects seen in the Chef's Toolbox slides.

This instant download includes 10 slides.

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