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Full Year French Writing Prompt Journal Écriture en Français 180 jours Editable

Full Year French Writing Prompt Journal Écriture en Français 180 jours Editable

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⭐This instant download includes:
- This is the full, 180-day bundle of writing prompts for convenient writing practice in French
-Two 90-day, semester-long options are also available.
-Four 45-day, quarter-long options are also available.
-Multiple formats and relatable prompts
-Editable slides to add your own prompts
-Engaging and relatable questions
-Encourages student output
-Character education focus

Want to see more? I made a YouTube video about it! ⭐Intended use: This journal is meant to be used daily to increase writing fluency and stamina in French. It may be used for half of the learning year (5-days per week for 9 weeks). These prompts focus on character education and creative writing, as well as including details through the 5 senses.

⭐The journal may be printed so that students may write by hand, or it can be used in its convenient Google Slides format.

⭐To begin using the digital version, simply make a copy of the file and show your student(s) how to access it using Google Slides. They'll be able to type their responses onto each slide. They can easily add another slide by clicking "duplicate" if they'd like to write more.

⭐For your convenience, additional editable slides are included for you to add in your own prompts, if desired.

⭐Be sure to celebrate by printing the certificate of completion that's included.

⭐Once finished, check back for additional 45-day packs to complete the year.

Don't forget to leave a review and share your favorite prompt! This instant PPT download contains 256 pages!

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