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Geography/History Bundle by Nat Bro

Geography/History Bundle by Nat Bro

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Get all your yearly geography curriculum for a discount!  PDF Digital Product will be sent via e-mail to the address you signed up under.

What's Included:

1. My 50 States Notebook:

Get your printable and all the information you need to complete a study on each of the 50 states.  

4 Pages which can be used for each state.  Print what you need.

2. Geography Terms:

Have you ever wondered what a badland is? What about a gulch? Do you wonder what an isthmus is? Or a seamount?

What about the difference between a plateau and a plain, or a knob and a knoll?

Well, here is the perfect companion product to correspond with the book, Geography A to Z; A Picture Glossary

Each entry allows children to have the freedom to try and learn through writing and art.

There are two options per term including one with dotted lines and one with plain lines.  This allows for families to use for both younger and older children.

214 Pages along with a Certificate of Completion.

3. All About the 50 States:

50 states. Each one of them has something unique about itself. In this book, the first 50 pages are designed so you can cater to your student's needs.

Purposely designed to allow you to pick what information you want your student to fill in, i.e.: state flower, state bird, state dog, etc... this book is perfect for the educator and student alike.

The last half of the book has flashcards where you can cut, laminate, and review the states and their capitals with a matching flashcard game.

4. Australia Research Workbook

Have you ever wanted to study the country of Australia in more detail?  64 pages filled with opportunities to be able to learn more in depth about this beautiful country and continent.

What's Included:

1. Information Reports
2. Animals
3. Money
4. Songs
5. Recipes
6. National Anthem
7. Much, Much More!

5. Flags and Facts of Canada in Alphabetical Order

Discover the Provinces and Territories of Canada with this informative book of flags and facts.

With 42 pages of educational content organized in alphabetical order, you can learn more about each province, including its official flag and 5 or more facts about each province or territory.

Bonus coloring pages of all the flags complete the experience.

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