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Geography Project and Mystery: Temperate Climate Zone - ELA and Art for Spring

Geography Project and Mystery: Temperate Climate Zone - ELA and Art for Spring

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In this geography mystery project, your kids will be "dropped off" in a mysterious location somewhere in the TEMPERATE CLIMATE in the spring.


Your kids will be dropped off in...

🌱A Northeastern American Pond!🌱

They'll discover clues about their location through 3 reading passages with comprehension questions:

🌱 What's do plant life do you see?

🌱 What temperature does your thermometer read?

🌱 What wildlife is around you?

🌱 What is the weather like?

After answering these comprehension questions (and more), kids pull out their "Pocket Guides."

Inside, they will find details about wildlife, temperature, and the Koppen climate zones. They will need to read the Pocket Guide and Climate Map to decipher valuable information.

From here, they will "chart" their findings onto a Venn Diagram to determine...


Once they've discovered their mystery location, they'll create their own 3D habitat representing the landscape and wildlife through ART!

Do you think your kids will discover the mystery location?


🌱 3 Reading Passage with Comprehension Questions
🌱 1 Double-sided Pocket Guide with Climate Map
🌱 1 Digital Version of the Pocket Guide for a low-printing option
🌱 1 Chart It Worksheet with Venn Diagram
🌱 2 Project Pieces for the 3D Habitat
🌱 1 Teacher Guide
🌱 1 Independent Student Guide
🌱 1 Project Explanation (with colored examples)
🌱 1 Supplies List
🌱 1 Freebie!

🌱 Geography Lesson - Kids will learn how to use the reading on a thermometer, how to read a pocket guide, and how to read a climate map all in one lesson!

🌱 Climate Zone Application - If you're studying climate zones, this critical-thinking project is a perfect way to assess student retention.

🌱 Spring Pond Habitat Project - Learning about ducks in the spring? Grab this project to complete over the course of a week!

🌱 Collaborative Project - With the reading passages, Pocket Guide, and Chart being digital, you can easily work through this geography mystery as a class.

🌱 Independent Project - You may not want to miss this exciting project, but if you need to teach another child, this is a perfect independent project! With the Teacher Guide and Student Guide, your upper elementary child will know what to do.

Hope you have fun, Geography Detectives!

-Abbey Allen

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