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Gingerbread STEM Crafts - 4 Gingerbread Man/Winter Activities

Gingerbread STEM Crafts - 4 Gingerbread Man/Winter Activities

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Gingerbread man crafts are such a fun way to celebrate the winter season! Grab this STEM/STEAM craft pack with 4 activities for a snowy, creative day.

❄️ These crafts are not just time-fillers. Kids will practice engineering, problem-solving, and creativity skills. They can do this either independently or collaboratively.

❄️ By facing 4 different winter weather challenges, kids will flex their STEM skills while enjoying putting together a cute craft!

❄️ Assemble all 4 together to make an entire Gingerbread House Village.

❄️ So what's included?

-4 How to Use Pages
-4 Craft Templates
-4 Student Instruction Pages
-Free Bonus Activity!

❄️ How to Use:

-Lesson application: Learning about winter weather? Practice escaping the elements with these 4 hands-on crafts!

-Stations/Centers: Set up the 4 crafts around the room with the Student Instruction Pages hanging on the wall. Kids can walk the room and complete each craftivity.

-Independent Learning: Have early finishers? These crafts are perfect for independent use since there are Student Guides (written on an elementary level) ready to go.

-Art Corner: I always have an Art Corner in my house! Kids can choose to create there during free time. This is a perfect winter addition if you have one!

-Winter-themed STEAM Day: Why not make a whole day all about Winter STEAM? Use these crafts, but teach from my Winter Weather STEM Activities beforehand.

GRADE: 2nd-5th

TOPIC: Winter, Art, Crafts, Weather, STEM, STEAM, Engineering



Hope you enjoy!

-Abbey Allen ARTventurous Animals

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