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Beth Mellott

Idioms, Sayings & Proverbs (32-Pages)

Idioms, Sayings & Proverbs (32-Pages)

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With over 750 sayings, Idioms, Sayings & Proverbs is a 32-page book, created to help your child gain cultural literacy and practice penmanship 

  • Designed to last for several years
  • Targets the Elementary, Middle, & High School students
  • Meant to be used once or twice a week 
  • Broken down into 12 categories 
  • Sayings that originate from the Bible are annotated by their scripture reference
  • Sayings coined by William Shakespeare and Benjamin Franklin are annotated as such
  • Includes:
    • short idioms such as “eager beaver”
    • longer sayings and proverbs such as “desperate times call for desperate measures”
    • a section at the end for High School students explaining the origin and meaning of phrases such as “carpe diem” and “pro bono.”

The categories in Idioms, Sayings and Proverbs correspond to those in Writing Prompts Using Pictures.

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