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Muir Melissa



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Hey there, fellow teacher! As an online tutor, you’re stepping out as a niche teacher who is also a business owner. Sometimes this second role can cause a bit of anxiety. No worries. With 10 years of tutoring experience, I’ve developed a way to onboard students that helps tick all the boxes, leave things crystal clear for both myself and my clients, and set us up for a successful, long-term tutoring relationship.


This editable (and reusable) form will make onboarding students a breeze. You'll have the information you need to plan a class trajectory both you and your student feel good about. In addition, you'll receive a BONUS maintenance plan. This is a reusable form to keep tabs on your student's progress, as well being sure you're meeting their expectations.

Suggested use:

Whether you already have students you’re working with, or are beginning the process, this workbook will provide multiple done-for-you policies and feedback clips to choose from realistic options that fit your tutoring style.

Within the download, you'll find two sections:

  1. Class Trajectory Questionnaire (reusable & editable)
  2. Maintenance Plan (reusable)

I created this product after over 10 years of tutoring online and in person. There are so many challenges new tutors face including keeping up with student expectations.

The questionnaire and plan are meant to alleviate that stress as you get started. It's a user-friendly tool that will allow you to track your progress as you start to set up your tutoring relationships (and nurture them so that your students stick around for years to come)!

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Enjoy, and please consider leaving a review and coming back for more teacherpreneur tools and resources. You'll find high-yield productivity and growth items here!

Happy teaching.

What You Will Receive:

This digital download includes 3 interactive pages.

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