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Robertson, Diane

It's the Little Things

It's the Little Things

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This is a digital pdf download that contains 2 lessons in our "It's the Little Things" Series. The Little Things Series are lessons on things that are not normally found in curriculum or grammar rules that are spread over several lessons that are put all in one place.

The two lessons are:

Everything Writing the Date


Everything Abbreviations.

This is good for any student who knows how to read and is writing paragraphs, usually about 3rd grade to 6th grade.

As a homeschool parent, I have not enforced writing the date on top of every worksheet and paper that they write on, so they don't know or don't remember how to write the date in numbers. This lesson goes over how that is done in both the USA and Europe and then has a short worksheet where the student is required to write the date in numbers according to their geographical location.

The second lesson in this pdf digital download is on abbreviations. It goes over why we abbreviate, how we abbreviate, and common situations in which we abbreviate. Then it lists a great many common abbreviations by category. (It mentions abbreviations for states, but does not list those.) Finally, there is a worksheet to change words to abbreviations.

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