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Robertson, Diane

It's the Little Things: Everything Capitalization

It's the Little Things: Everything Capitalization

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This is a digital pdf download that contains 1 lesson in our "It's the Little Things" Series. The Little Things Series are lessons on things that are not normally found in curriculum, or grammar rules that are spread over several lessons that are put all in one place.

This is an 8-page pdf file that can either be printed or used online. It is one full lesson that contains all of the rules of how and when to capitalize letters for proper writing.

I bet you didn't know that there are 9 different rules on how to capitalize in writing, with several sub rules about capitalizing proper names.

There are rules on how to capitalize titles of books, movies, and magazines, etc.

There are obscure rules such as directions on a compass get a capital letter when used in a specific way, but not when used generally; or that names for family members like Grandmother get a capital letter when used in place of a proper name, but not after the word 'my'; or that named holidays get capital letters, but seasons do not.

These are things that my kids forget, but always come up on yearly state testing.

This is a helpful lesson with 4 workbook pages to complete. Three pages are easy and can be used for kids as young as first grade and one page is much harder and is better for 4th grade and above.

I give this lesson to my high school kids, middle school kids, and elementary school kids.

This is one of those Little Things that is important to know, but easily forgotten and all classrooms and homeschool parents need to point it out.

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