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Robertson, Diane

Learn to Read and Write: A Phonics Approach to Reading Level 1

Learn to Read and Write: A Phonics Approach to Reading Level 1

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This is a full language arts curriculum (317 pages!) with everything you need to begin teaching your child how to read and write all in one book.

This is the first book in a Learn to Read and Write series. Your student or child does not have to know how to read to begin this curriculum. This is a first level book for the kindergarten or first grade student.

This book begins by introducing three letter short vowel words and how to sound them out. Before starting this book, your child should know all of the names of the alphabet letters and all of the sounds of the alphabet letters. They should be able to write their name, recognize shapes, colors, common animals, and be able recognize patterns. 

This book begins with a review of the sounds and letters. Then it moves incrementally along with lessons on reading three letter short vowel words, to reading 4 letter short vowel words.

Then it begins with lessons on long consonant blends with short vowel words to beginning letter combinations like ‘ind’ and ‘ank’ as well as ‘wa’ and ‘wha’and ‘le’. It continues with learning ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ endings and then ends with long vowels with silent e words. 

Spelling lessons begin halfway through the course, after students have learned thoroughly how to sound out and read short vowel words. 

The course focuses heavily on phonics but does have weekly sight words to help your student begin reading some words before other phonics lessons are introduced. 

There will be daily reading passages, weekly sight words, daily spelling practice, and early grammar and punctuation lessons.

This course is considered a complete language arts course for early elementary students.

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