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Letter Sound Sorting Cards Set

Letter Sound Sorting Cards Set

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I designed this pack of picture cards as a resource to use with my beginning readers to help them practice letter sounds. But I quickly found that it had many uses which made it even more valuable!

You can also use this pack of picture cards separately as a wonderful phonemic awareness tool to help students discriminate between beginning and ending sounds in words, in phonics lessons to practice associating a sound with a letter, letter sorting games and for teaching vocabulary to young children or for students/children who are learning English as a second language.

This pack is a wonderful resource for: a homeschool setting, a small group or 1:1 intervention setting as well as small group instruction in a classroom.  I use this daily with students in my small groups. They love to sort the pictures by sound and by letter.

This pack contains 29 pages of picture cards. That is 232 individual picture cards. I have organized them by consonant sounds and vowel sounds. You will also find 3 pages of individual cards with words that reference what each picture is.

These word cards are organized by consonants and vowels as well. I printed and laminated all my cards to help them last multiple years. I also purchased small plastic card holders to organize and keep my cards in.

- I hope you and your child/student enjoy this set of cards.

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