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Kennedy, Laura

Life Coach Membership

Life Coach Membership

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Life Coach Membership offers group coaching.

When joining the group coaching, you will receive a mindset and accountability support group that offers four posts a day. These posts consist of a morning mindset post, a scripture for the day, a quote or thought of the day, and a closing post to look back and set goals for the next day. In this group, you also get weekly group coaching calls and support from others in the group. 

The group membership is based on a monthly basis. Each month has a different theme, but at the same time geared towards helping moms succeed and set goals to be who God wants them to be and who they want to be, not who the world wants them to be, Romans 12:2. 

In January we set goals for the year, not resolutions while resting and listening to God and building our trust and confidence while being tired and weary.

February, we have faith and hope in God as we love God and wait on Him.

In March we study Proverbs 31 and what that means to each of us as we grow closer to God.

April is when we study the Easter story and take it apart to see its meaning to each of us. We each have a stone to roll away!

The month of May we see how God is our refuge and strength. Some of the verses we look at are in Psalm 46.

June is when we look at the famous children’s Bible stories and see how they pertain to us now, as moms. Do you have a child-like faith?

In July we study the Bible while taking care of our bodies. We look at exercise, mindset, diet, our body as the temple of God, and how you talk to yourself.

August is the month when we see a lot of changes in life. How do you deal with change? Ending and starting areas can be a challenge. It is time to persevere and build your confidence.

In September, I ask you what motivates you. Do you have your own motivation?  This is done while staying motivated through changes in life.

October is the month we look at our lives like a garden by setting the foundation, weeding, and pruning our lives so we can move forward.

November is the month we look at our messy lives and sing praises and give thanksgiving for all God has done for us. We do this while looking at the miracles of Jesus and other scriptures. 

Then, in December we wrap up with looking at who God is to me and then who am I to God. You are a beautiful person in God. Do you see how God created you?

This Group Membership is perfect for the busy mom who wants to move forward and be more for God, their families, and themselves. Even though there are four posts a day in the group, you can check in and comment as you are able. The group coaching calls are done as lives so are recorded for you to access as you can. 

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