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Holladay, Marcie

Little House Rose Series 4 Book Study Guides

Little House Rose Series 4 Book Study Guides

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All four study guides from the first 4 books in the Little House Rose series by Roger Lea MacBride.

Read how the Wilders started their farm in Missouri and join in by doing over 100 activities in each study guide. That's over 400 activity ideas to bring the Rose books to life! Cook the food they ate, play the games they played, do art projects and crafts, act out scenes and more. Incorporates art, music, history, fine motor skills, PE, character development, and a little bit of math.

There are also hundreds of questions, vocabulary words, and thoughts to consider. Plus a page of teacher tips and a page of fun quotes to say such as "You feelin a mite puny?"

Perfect for homeschools, especially ones homesteading as they will feel a special kinship to Rose starting their homestead.

Grades 1-8.

There are 130 pages total.

Each guide sold separately for $4.95 or all 4 for $16.

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