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Machher, Tracey

Little Women Workbook

Little Women Workbook

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Looking for a resource to analyze and engage with Louisa May Alcott's classic novel, Little Women? This printable workbook is perfect for close reading and analysis, providing prompts for essay or journal writing.

Set during the American Civil War, Little Women follows the narrative of four sisters, each with a unique personality, and their mother as they navigate life in a small Massachusetts town in rather destitute circumstances.

This packet includes a chapter-by-chapter reading guide with writing prompts, background information on the author, and analysis on key themes.

With 23 weeks of content, this packet is perfect for a weekly activity or can be completed at your own pace. This novel is suited for reading age Grade 4 and above and correlates with common core standards.

Print the packet in its entirety and keep it in a binder or read the chapter on screen with only the journal worksheets printed out.

Use this resource for classroom use, homeschooling, or distance learning to explore the literary devices, allegories, and thematic discussions in this timeless classic.

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