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Thornton, Kelsey

Ludwig Van Beethoven | Digital Resource | 5th-8th Grades

Ludwig Van Beethoven | Digital Resource | 5th-8th Grades

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Do you need an emergency substitute teacher activity for your students?? Or are you looking for a fun interactive way for your students to learn about Beethoven for your general music classes?

This digital activity resource is perfect for your 5th-8th graders who are learning about Ludwig Van Beethoven in a fun way! Upgrade your Beethoven lessons, and make it into a game where students will practice:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Using text-based evidence to support their answers
  • Learn about Beethoven's life as a musician and a composer by decoding a secret cipher and secret code!
  • Great self-checking reading comprehension activity to keep track of one's own progress!

This resource uses Google Sheets for students to "make a copy" of this digital activity so that each student can figure out the secret cipher and secret code on their own. Directions on how to do the activity are included in the digital activity.

This digital activity resource includes:

  • Directions on how to complete the digital activity
  • Beethoven reading passage that includes links to listen to famous compositions as well.
  • 10 questions that are referenced from the reading passage
  • Blank answer squares for students to type in their answers
  • Every time a student types in the correct answer, the cipher will start to appear in its correct spot.
  • When all questions are answered correctly, students can now decode the secret code from the cipher to reveal their final answer!
  • Answer Key provided!
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