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ARTventurous Animals

Mini Art Journal for Kids: Learn Color Through the Amazon Rainforest

Mini Art Journal for Kids: Learn Color Through the Amazon Rainforest

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Need an independent art lesson fun AND easy?

Grab this Mini Art Journal!

Kids explore the element of color while diving into the Amazon Rainforest in South America.

The students' favorite part? They get to learn how to draw Andy the Poison Dart Frog!

What's your favorite part?

Each worksheet is meant to be done independently!


-7 unique worksheets
-How to Use Teacher Guide
-Supplies List
-Colored Examples
-Bonus Activity


-Independent Art Unit: Within this mini art journal, kids discover one of the essential elements in art—COLOR! If you’re unsure about teaching art yourself, work through these activities with your kids and watch their artistic skill explode!

-Morning Work: Looking for some print-and-go worksheets for a quiet morning atmosphere? Grab these! They're perfect if you're studying the Amazon Rainforest. The extra art element infusion is an easy way to connect with your right-brained kiddos.

-Field Trip: Heading to the zoo or aquarium? Grab one of these worksheets as a travel companion!

-Art Station: If you're trying to encourage more art in your home, set these activities out as an optional Art Station. Your kids will love choosing their own activity. Most elementary kids LOVE completing the frog directed drawing the most!

Have fun exploring the COLORFUL rainforest!

-Abbey Allen
ARTventurous Animals

TOPIC: Art, Earth Science, Geography

GRADE: 2nd-6th grade


PAGES: 15 pages

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