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Thornton, Kelsey

Mission to Mars Escape Room

Mission to Mars Escape Room

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In this resource, you will find the student group worksheets where the instructions on how to play are available, and also a teacher disclosure on how to play the game with students, including classroom atmosphere recommendations to make it seem like your students are on Mars. There is also an answer key for the teacher to keep track of students' answer during game play.

There are 5 tasks where students will complete to escape from Mars in time:

Task #1 - Martian Decode--Students will decode the Martian cipher to reveal a message.

Task #2 - Rover Maze --Students go through a maze to find the Perseverance Rover!

Task #3 - Fix the Rover!-- Students will trace over the Rover to the best of their ability.

Task #4 - Earth Message Word Search-- Students will look for 10 words that also has a message that students have to unscramble to send a message to Earth.

Task #5 (FINAL) - Gravity Spacecraft Rescue!-- Students will solve the final task and make it out of Mars alive when they multiply the gravity of Earth and Mars with the example of 150 lbs.

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